The Aurora Borealis Experience
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Aurora Tours
The Aurora Borealis Experience

Summer and winter packages include Aurora viewing, city tours and nature hikes to Cameron Falls. We have professional guides, photography equipment and demonstrations on how to take the best photos and videos. We have a team of bilingual guides from many cultural backgrounds, so no matter what language you speak we’ll have you covered. Yellowknife, NWT is the best place on earth to experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis. Seeing the aurora is very dependent on clear skies, so we only offer tours during times of the year that have the best weather. From August and September and December through April, we host travellers from all corners of the globe. Our cabin is located on private property in a prime area; from 300ft above Prelude Lake you can watch the aurora light up the sky in the remote wilderness outside of Yellowknife. There is a clearing on our property so you can enjoy a private view of the night sky, totally unaffected by city lights.