My Backyard Tours
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Tour company
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Margaret or Amanda Peterson
867-920-4654 or 445-8797
PO Box 447
X1A 2N4 Yellowknife , NT
Northwest Territories CA
My Backyard Tours

Fun and informative tours guided by persons that came to Yellowknife for two years and stayed for a lifetime. Learn about Yellowknife’s history, see the City highlights, visit artisans’ studios. Our tours also offer you the chance to enjoy local foods, develop your photographic abilities and capture the wildlife, plants and lichens that shape the intricate beauty of this region. Guests will learn about the history and culture of the people that make the North unique. 

Our ice road tours feature seasonal highlights such as the Ice Castle and can be customized to suit personal preferences. Get outfitted with our warm winter clothing rental package. Stay up for nature’s light show and join us on a northern lights tour. Return transportation from your accommodation, warm comfortable cabin at private lakeside location, snacks, beverages, small groups.