Slip silently down a snow-covered trail as an eager team of northern sled dogs pull you past white birches covered in hoar frost, or dark spruce groves adorned with snowy lace.     

Dog sledding is still popular in the Northwest Territories, where a good team is highly prized and well cared for. Curl up in a comfortable cariole – an oak toboggan with canvas sides – traditional winter transportation in the North.  Meet the dogs – usually a pretty friendly bunch – and their delightful puppies.  Learn to harness a team, and drive your own team with some beginner instruction.  It’s fun and very good exercise.  Dog team rides vary from half an hour, to half a day or longer. 

If you prefer to be a spectator, don’t miss Yellowknife’s biggest dog sledding event – the Canadian Championship Dog Derby.  It’s a 150-mile race, held over three days in late March, and the mass start of each day’s race is a must-see for visitors.  At the sound of the starting gun, a dozen or more teams take off through snow-sided chutes, and sometimes a tangle of harnesses, when an errant team decides to cross into its neighbour’s chute. 

Check out Yellowknife and area operators who offer dog sledding experiences.



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